Campaign Form Overview

Note: Available for Org Admins once the deposit is marked paid.

Expand fundraising by creating additional campaigns. Provide basic details about the fundraising opportunity, types of fundraising offered, and if staff members are needed. Campaigns are auto-created in the Hub in conjunction with signing a GiveSmart agreement.

Campaign form example

Fields descriptions

Campaign Sub-Type: Select between the options of Gala, Golf, Location, Text to Donate, and Other. 

Campaign Name: Enter the campaign display name. Maximum 40 characters.

Name for Text Messages: Enter campaign display or organization name seen in welcome text. Maximum 20 characters.

Location: Appears in the Home page banner and map, or be hidden. The address or venue strictly corresponds to how it appears in Google maps. Information cannot be customized.

Note: City and State at a minimum are required.

Start Date and Time: For campaigns that span multiple days, list the beginning date. Not necessarily the auction start date and time.

End Date and Time: Fundraising end time. Not necessarily the auction end date and time.

Campaign Settings: Card on File, Allow Self Checkout, Transaction Fee: Optional for Purchaser and Recurring Donations is selected by default but can be adjusted.