Reset your Username and Password

Participated in a GiveSmart fundraiser in the past and looking to participate in a new upcoming campaign, but forgot your username and/or password? When you attempt to sign in to a new campaign to participate in the fundraising, click the blue Forgot Username or Password link.

Follow the steps to reset your username and password to sign and register.

NOTE: If you do not have access to the phone number or email address listed on your account, please reach out to the Event Coordinator who can assist in updating your email or phone number on file. 

Access and reset

To reset, first access your GiveSmart account to update your username and/or password. Once updated and saved you land on the Home page of the campaign site as a registered user.

  1. Click Sign In or Register or Sign In within a campaign site.
  2. Click the blue Forgot Username or Password. (If you are an Admin, select Admin Log In and follow the same steps.)
  3. Select Mobile Number or Email.
    • When entering your mobile number.
      1. Click Send Pin.
      2. Enter the security code sent via text.
    • When entering email. 
      1. Click Request Password Reset.
      2. Enter security code sent via email. 
  4. Update username and/or password.
  5. Click Save and Sign In.