Ticketing Email Template

The below template encourages users to purchase tickets, attendees to register, and a quick how-to bid guide.

Ticketing Email Template.docx

Dear Guests,

The excitement has reached a fever pitch and we are looking forward to seeing you at (FUNDRAISER NAME)! All ticket purchases and bidding will be done through your cell phone, computer, or tablet

Ticket Details

  • Purchase your tickets here: ENTER WEBSITE URL HERE

You will receive a confirmation email and text message following your ticket purchase. Purchasing your tickets via the link above also registers you for the various fundraising elements and expedites your registration process at the fundraiser.

Register Your guests

Add a valid email or phone number for guests so they can confirm their attendance, register, answer ticket questions, and add a credit card.

How To bid

Once the auction is open for bidding, registered users have four ways to bid:

  1. Smartphone: Click the link in your welcome text, taking you to a personal bidding page. Select an item to place a bid.
  2. Text: Text the item number and bid amount after the welcome message received. For example, the text "100 150" places a $150 bid on item number 100. No dollar sign or decimal is needed.
  3. Computer: Click on an item and place a bid.
  4. Personal Shopper: Reach out to a contact person from our organization. They will be happy to place your bids for you

Please don't hesitate to contact us at (ORG Contact Name and EMAIL/PHONE) should you have any questions between now and the fundraiser.

Thank you for supporting (NAME OF ORGANIZATION)!