Managing your Presentation from Backstage

From Backstage, monitor the fundraising activity, manage call to action overlay buttons, participate in the live chat, see upcoming text messages from the queue, and enter monetary donations all while watching your live feed or video.


Button Overlays

  • Show or hide the call to action buttons. When shown, they overlay atop your video or live feed.
  • When multiple buttons are set up, select from the dropdown of buttons to show during the course of your presentation.

Add Donations

  • Enter in one-time or monthly monetary donations for supporters.
  • Donations entered appear in the donation activity feed.

Live Chat

  • View recent chats.
  • Send messages to supporters.
  • Click the quick link to Messages > Chat to delete a message or review the entire history of chats.

Message Queue

  • Scroll to review all scheduled and drafted messages.
  • Messages are listing in order of most recent scheduled to drafted.
  • The next outgoing message is highlighted at the top of the queue.
  • Click the quick link to Messages > Text > Draft to edit a message or schedule/send a draft message. 

Activity Feed

  • View fundraising activity either by source or all.
  • Feed shows the 20 most recent fundraising activities and indicates the amount, item number, name, purchaser/donor/bidder, and time of the activity in how many seconds, minutes, hours ago the activity was made.
  • Use the Search field to search for item activity by Item # or Item Name.  The most recent activity up to 20 individual line items will be displayed.
  • From Totals, view the revenue totals by source or all.
  • The activity feed auto-refreshes with a 20 second delay.