Become a Champion Fundraiser

Create a personal fundraising page, to share with family and friends, and support your favorite organization. Manage your personal fundraising page, setting the page name, goal, include an image and share your fundraising story to encourage friends and family to donate.

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Become a champion

  1. From the campaign site Home page, click on the button to become a Champion.
  2. Complete your account.
  3. Set fundraising page information.
    • Name your page.
    • Set your goal.
  4. Create your Fundraising Page.
    • Edit view and share your page
      • Visit your My Info tab, or
      • Click the Go to Fundraising Page button.


Manage your personal fundraising page

Once you are established as a champion fundraiser, personalize your fundraising page. Fundraising pages need to be approved by a campaign admin before your supporters can donate. Once approved, share a shareable link or use the social media share options, and let the fundraising begin!

  1. Click the My Info link or click Go to Fundraising Page after you complete setting up your account.
  2. Click Edit Fundraising Page
    • Edit your Page Title or Goal
    • Add a Champion Image
    • Edit content
    • Share your story and the reasons for your fundraising efforts.
  3. Click Request Approval at the top of the screen in the yellow banner.
    • The campaign admin receives an email that a champion page awaits approval.
    • Once the admin approves your personal fundraising page, you receive an email to the address added when you created your account, letting you know your page is approved and ready to share.
      • The email includes your shareable link.


Share your personal fundraising page

Once approved, share your personal fundraising page with your supporters either through the shareable link or the social media links on your personal fundraising page.

Locate the shareable page link

The shareable link is included in the email received once your fundraising page is live, or you can find it within the edit options of your personal fundraising page which you can visit from the parent campaign.

  1. Visit and login to the parent campaign your personal page is associate with.
  2. Click on the My Info tab.
  3. Click My Fundraising Page
  4. Click Edit Fundraising Page
  5. Select share.
  6. Copy the shareable link.


Accept donations

Supporters can make a monetary donation from the donation options available on your personal fundraising page. Donors are prompted to enter a credit card and process payment at the time of donation.

Donation activity

As donations are received, your progress bar fills with color towards your set goal. Donation activity also appears within the Recent Activity section. Once donations are received a list of the most recent 10 will appear, with the most recent on top. Donors can choose to remain anonymous, which will show the donation and amount made in the recent activity, but not the name of the donor.

  • If no donations have been received yet, your supports will see "Be the first to donate"
  • A "Show all Activity" button will appear if more than tex donations are received to expand the list and scroll through the donors.

Champion notifications of donations

As supporters donate, you will receive an email, to the email address on your account. The email includes the date, donor name, email, donation amount, and an indicator if they requested to be anonymous. Donors will receive an email receipt of their donation.

Note: Donors who choose to be anonymous on the page will be indicated in the email. The donor's name will be shared with the champion. pages.