Create a Custom Purchase Report

Note: Available to Org admins only.

Create a custom report based on purchases for one or more campaigns within your Org Hub.

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  1. Go to Org Hub > Reports.
  2. Select Custom Report.

Create a report

Save, schedule or download a copy as a CSV. Saved reports are available to all Org admins and list on the reports table in ascending order. Saved reports can be edited and saved as new or save over the prior version. Custom reports export in UTC timezone.

Note: Saved reports can not be deleted. 

  1. Click +New Report.
  2. Edit the report Title.
  3. Select a Date Range.
  4. Select one or more Campaigns.
  5. Select one or more Columns to include in the report.
  6. Choose between One-Time or Recurring.
  7. Select the Frequency.
  8. Enter one or more recipient email addresses.
    • These reports can be sent to any email address.  They do not need to be a GiveSmart admin to receive the mailed report. 
  9. Once finished, click Save. 
    • Choose to Save, Save as new, or Download as CSV.