Create Champion Fundraisers

Champions are individuals committed to the goal of raising funds on behalf of your organization. Champion personal fundraising pages can be shared with supporters by champion's sharing their personal page URL with their family and friends or through the social media options found on their page.

Visit Edit Champion Fundraisers to learn more.

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Create a champion

Creating a champion fundraiser will automatically create their personal fundraising page. Only one user account can be associated with one champion. Once created, copy the shareable link located in the Page URL column or when customizing their personal fundraising page.

Note: Clicking the icon to the right of the Page URL or selecting View Fundraising Page includes your personal link and should not be shared.
  1. From the Admin Navigation, select P2P (Champions).
  2. Click +Champion.
  3. Locate an existing user account or create a new user.
  4. Enter the campion Page Title.
  5. Set the champion's Goal.
  6. Adjust the page status if needed.
  7. Click Create Champion.