Check In with Ticketing

Enhanced ticketing and registration allows the flexibility for any fundraiser to benefit from an intuitive ticketing portal and an interactive dashboard for reporting. 

Check-In a ticketed user

  1. Go to Admin view > Users > Check-In.
  2. Type the user's name, and select search. Partial names are acceptable.
  3. Find the user's name from the list, then click select. The ticket color indicates the ticket status.
    • Gray Ticket: The user has confirmed the ticket.  
    • Teal Ticket: The user has not confirmed the ticket.  The status will update post-check-in.
    • Clear Ticket with a +: Ticket is not yet purchased for this user.
  4. Verify contact information and select continue.
  5. If a credit card swiper is attached, select 'Swipe Credit Card'.
    • If the swiper is connected correctly, a screen will pop up saying 'Swiper connected'. Swipe the credit card, and click save.
  6. Select 'Enter Credit Card' if a card swiper is not being used.
  7. Enter all information, including billing address, and select save and check-in.
  8. Click ok.
  9. Close to return to the main screen.