Review Multiple Campaigns Batch Reporting

When multiple campaigns are generating revenue simultaneously the batching information sent from CardConnect does not break apart the revenue across the campaigns for the org. It reflects the revenue as a 'lump sum' on the date the revenue was batched.

Note: Due to CardConnect reporting flow the information appears this way. GiveSmart is unable to show a breakdown of the batched data within a campaign, but we do offer batch details across multiple campaigns and an estimated processing fee per campaign for org admins to review.

Access a campaigns batch reports

  1. From the Admin Navigation, select Reports > Overview.
  2. Select Disbursements > Batch Report.
  3. Click on a batch date to review the batch details.

Within the batch details, you will know if there are other campaign sites with revenue being generated within a batch. The detailed report provides a line item that indicates the campaign Site # and dollar amount associated with an additional campaign.  The site id will change based on the id of the other campaign, but it will always appear similar to below.

Access campaign to view the related activity in the batch reports

  1. Open a second tab in your browser.
  2. Visit
  3. Type the additional Site # into the search field.
  4. Click Search to find the campaign matching the Site #.
  5. Click View Campaign.