Event Equipment Rental

GiveSmart is accessible through a browser from any device. Visiting www.givesmart.com and click 'Platform Login' in the top right, or the campaign's website URL, and sign in which allows you access to the campaign based on your User Role. All visitor and admin capabilities can be done through the browser, except swiping credit cards. If you intend to pair the device with a compatible credit card swiper, you will need to download the 'GiveSmart Event Application' on that device.

GiveSmart app

The GiveSmart Event Application can be downloaded from https://e.givesmart.com/s/app (App Size: ~40MB).  Campaign admin access is required to sign in and download.  We recommend updating your app to the latest version: 7.1.6.  (Released: 6.15.2022)

Current viable app versions include: 6.4.8 & 7.1.6.  If your app is not one of these versions, please update before your event.  

Learn How to Download the GiveSmart App to your Apple Device.

NOTE: The app is only needed when using card swipers at your in-person event.  If not using card swipers, you may access the site through any browser or device.  

Recommended devices

The GiveSmart Event Application is only compatible with Apple iOS devices. The device must be using the iOS version 12.5.6 and above.

The hardware utilized with the CardConnect swipers (iDynamo 5) & GiveSmart Event App must be an Apple device (iPhone 5 and above, or iPad Generation 4 and above). The iPhone or iPad must have a Lighting Connector port.

Note: GiveSmart offers iPad rentals and CardConnect swiper purchases

How to connect a swiper

Once the GiveSmart Application is downloaded, visit your campaign and connect the swiper to the iPad. Once the swiper is plugged in, it should connect and be ready to swipe credit cards. When looking using a credit card swiper, remember:

  • Swipers can only be utilized via the mobile application and not through a web browser.
  • It can only be used on Apple devices with a Lightning-based USB port.
  • The device must be using the iOS version 9.4.5 & above.
  • The GiveSmart Event App can be downloaded from e.givesmart.com/s/app
    • Org or Campaign admin access is required to sign in and download.
    • After installing, follow the directions to “trust” the app.

        • Launch Settings from the Home screen click on General
        • Click Profiles (iOS 9.1/9.1) OR Device Management (iOS 9.2 or higher)
        • Click the name of the distributor under the Enterprise App section 'AuctionsByCellular, LLC'
        • Click 'Trust AuctionsByCellular, LLC'
        • Click Trust to confirm.
    • Once trusted, go back to the Home Screen and click on the GiveSmart Application,
      • Log in with the credentials provided by GiveSmart.
      • Locate the campaign site.

Confirm connection

  1. Go to Admin View > Users > Check-In.
  2. If the swiper is not connected properly, you will see "Swiper: Not Connected".
  3. If the swiper is connected, no warning will appear.

Tip: Connecting a swiper shortens the battery life. After Check-in, detach the swiper to save battery life and re-attach when needed.

Using swiper during checkin

iPad rentals

All iPads and swipers, if needed, can be rented from GiveSmart.Fello.com who is GiveSmart's preferred vendor for equipment.  iPads rented from Fello come with a credit card swiper and the GiveSmart app already installed on the iPad.  Do NOT place an order on the main Fello.com site, or your iPad will not have the GivSmart app pre-loaded. 

For any questions or concerns about an order or support, please contact Fello: 888-528-6288.

Note: Starting March 31, 2022, the cost of iPads and swiper rentals will be increasing.

Credit card swiper for purchase ORDER HERE

Note: Credit Card Swipers should be purchased as far in advance of intended usage to ensure you account for shipping time, as well as give your organization a chance to familiarize themselves and troubleshoot any issue(s) before the date of intended use. We typically recommend no later than 30-60 days prior to usage.

GiveSmart only uses the Magtek iDynamo 5 credit swipers provided by our credit card processing company CardConnect. Only swipers purchased by clicking the blue ORDER HERE link above, are compatible with the GiveSmart application.

Swiper order details

  • Swipers cost $155 each and are non-refundable.
  • Your organization will receive a debit as a month end fee via your merchant account, therefore, it will occur at the end of the following month that the swiper was ordered.   
    • Important: Please make sure our ACH ID G592126793 is added to the organizations bank account on file, IF NEEDED, for debits. 
    • Charge will appear on your bank statement as “MERCHANT BANKCD” “Your MID Number” and “Adjustment” as the descriptor.
    • Debit will appear as "Adjustment (Equipment Purchase)" in GiveSmart under Batch Reporting. 

  • Swipers are sent within 10-15 business days once ordered.
  • Orders with 25+ swipers are considered a bulk order and will take at least 6 months to fulfill.
  • A tracking number will be provided once shipped.
  • Once the purchase is complete you will receive the below "Thank You" page.

Swiper Troubleshooting: 

  1. Initial Troubleshooting steps:
    1. Make sure you are using the GiveSmart app (not a web browser)
    2. Remove and re-insert, adjust the angle
    3. Charge it using the micro-USB port on the side
  2. Then, if the above steps do not work, then please contact the company that sent the swipers to you:
    1. GiveSmart - support@givesmart.com
    2. Fello - 888-528-6288

SPECIAL NOTE: If the troubleshooting tips do not work and the swiper is truly defective, then unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to fix that on event day, however, your organization can still manually key in the credit card details or can encourage your guests to add a card on file and/or paying by phone. This is why we definitely recommend testing equipment as soon as it is received so that replacements can be arranged.