Using a GiveSmart Link

When participating in a GiveSmart event, you may receive a personal link which will provide instant access to the event site.  When the link is clicked, you may land on a page where you can select to continue to the event, or be taken directly to the site. 

It is important to note that this link will provide direct access to the site 1x, on a new device.  If you attempt to use this same link on a different device or if you log out, this link will not grant instant access a 2nd time.  Instead it will prompt to log in using your Username and Password.  If a Username and Password has not been created or has been forgotten, simply select 'Forgot Username or Password?'.

Enter your Mobile Number or Email to receive a security code which will allow a new password to be created. 

If you receive a new link, the 1x access is renewed, and you will be able to use this new link 1x to gain instant access on a new device.