Delete a Raffle Purchase for a Supporter

Delete a raffle purchase from a user’s account. 

How to delete

The raffle purchase is deleted from the user's account along with any possible answers provided at the time of purchase. The answer is deleted from the campaign. The raffle entry numbers that were assigned to that user will not be re-allocated to another user. The entries report will skip that number. It will not affect the number sold, but it will affect the numbering.

  1. From the Admin Navigation, select Items for Purchase > Manage Raffle Items. 
  2. Locate and select the raffle item.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Item Detail section on the right. 
  4. Under Activity, locate the purchaser.
  5. Click Delete.

Note: User's with a mobile number on file, receive a text the raffle item was deleted from their cart.