2022 Fall Releases

New Feature

Export Donor CRM Report from GiveSmart Events

  • A new Donor CRM report has been added which will allow you to easily export transactions and donors from the GiveSmart Events platform and import to GiveSmart Donor CRM.  

In Person Event Checkin Guidance

  • Adding a card on file for a guest during check in just got easier!  Due to enhanced credit card security, sometimes swiping a card results in an unsuccessful swipe.  Our new modal provides in app guidance to staff in the moment, so they can quickly and easily keeping your check in running smoothly.


Password Confirmation Field

  • An additional field has been added to allow users and admin to confirm their password when both creating and modifying a password, along with the ability to hide or show the field content.  

Enter Bids, Purchases & Donations for Invitees

  • Admin can now enter bids, purchases and donations on behalf of an Invitee.  

Bug Fixes

FMV on Purchaser Detail Report

  • The FMV on the Purchaser Detail report now reflects the proper value when multiple tickets or instant items are purchased in a single transaction. 

Decimal Point on Payment Confirmation

  • Removed the decimal point on payment confirmation screens when the payment value was a whole dollar amount.