Seating FAQs

Note: Only available with GiveSmart Ticketing.


Can I view only tables that still have open seats?

Yes. Admins can filter Table Group by Unfilled and Filled Tables by clicking the drop-down under Table Groups that read Filter By. The filtered result will automatically display.


Can Registered Users that are not assigned a ticket within Ticket Orders be seated in a Table Group?

No. Purchasers and attendees who are a part of a Ticket Order will only be seen and available to assign a table group in the Seating Management tool. To seat a non-ticketed, registered user, ticket purchase will need to be made for them or they will need to be assigned an attendee spot within a purchase order.


If Tickets are sold outside GiveSmart, can I upload the guest list and use Seating Management?

No.  Seating Management can only be used when tickets were sold through GiveSmart.  The guest list can be uploaded to GiveSmart.   A Custom Field can be used to assign tables, however Seating Management is not able to be used. 

Can I see the total of Attendees that are Assigned, yet to be Assigned and Available Seats?

Yes. Admins can easily see totals for Assigned, Unassigned and number of Seats and the Venue Capacity set by looking at the top right corner on the Seat Management page.


Can I create a report of my seating assignments?

Yes, the full report with all guest details can be found in the Attendee Report or the seating management layout can be printed from the seating management page. 


Can I add a custom note to a Table Group?

At this time we do not offer the ability to add an administrative custom note to a table group within the Seating Management tool. If notes need to be added, generate the Ticketing Report and once downloaded add additional columns with custom notes needed.


Can a text message be sent that includes Table/Group Assignments?

  1. From the Admin Navigation, select Communications > Text
  2. Select + New Text
  3. In Template, select the dropdown and choose 'Find Your Table'
  4. Select Apply
  5. The Recipient Group, To and Message will pre-populate
  6. Review for correctness
  7. Either Save as a Draft or Send Text Message