Update a Pledge Payment

Pledged payments are considered outstanding balances and located in the unpaid section of the Outstanding Balances Report.

When the payment is received, it can be updated, no longer reflecting as an outstanding balance, but as payment received.

Update from Pay Page

Admins can place ticket orders on behalf of a user, or check out event orders, and mark as Pledged. Later, the user can visit their Pay page to self-checkout with a credit card.

  1. As an admin, mark a ticket or event order payment as Pledged.
  2. Instruct the user to visit the campaign and select their Pay page.
    • Pledged ticket order  - instruct the user to click on the blue link within the Welcome text received after the order was complete.
    • All other orders - instruct the user to click on the blue link within the payment instructions text.
      • From the Admin Navigation, select Communications > Text.
      • Select + New Text
      • From the Template dropdown, select Payment Instructions.
      • Click Apply.
      • In the Recipients dropdown, select Individuals.
      • In the To field, enter the user's name. 
      • Choose the user's account.
      • The message field pre-populated but can be edited.
      • Select to Save as a Draft or Send immediately.
  3. Have the User select the Click to Pay Here button.
  4. The user will see the pledge in Payments and Credits and their outstanding balance.
  5. They can use an existing credit card or attach a new one.
  6. Instruct them to follow the prompts to secure payment.
  7. Once complete, the pledge will fall off and update as paid.

Update from Checkout

Admins can mark tickets or event orders as Pledged at the time of purchase or checkout. When payment is received, visit Checkout to update the payment.

  1. From the Admin Navigation, select Checkout & Payments > Checkout.
  2. Search and locate the user.
  3. Select Begin Checkout.
  4. Select Make a Payment.
  5. Confirm the amount.
  6. Select the form of payment.
  7. Follow the prompts to complete payment.
  8. Once complete, the pledge will fall off and update to paid.