2021 Summer Releases


New Feature

Enhances Admin Navigation

Campaign and Org Admins will find what they need, where they need it with our new and improved navigation. It's easier than ever to customize, build, and manage fundraising campaigns.

  • Left navigation can slide in to provide a full-screen view of the admin page.
  • The user name is top right corner replaced with an avatar that drops down.
  • Divided into 3 sections: Setup, Ways to Fundraise & Wrap Up.
  • Dropdown arrows open up nested Admin pages

A new look and feel for the Items page

Items are bigger with a max of 4 in a row, depending on screen size. Shown ads are also larger. Categories appear in alpha order with the default listed first or on the left and custom listed second or on the right, depending on screen size.

  • Image files must be .jpg, .png or .gif (No PDF)
  • For best picture quality, use an image size of 1088 x 816 pixels with a max file size of 1MB.

Live Activity for all

Admins can click on the Live Activity button from the Dashboard of all campaigns.

  • View the 20 most recent activities on the campaign.
    • Tabbed view of donor activity by Item Types: Live Auction, Silent Auction, Donations, Instant, Raffles, Votes, All item types.
    • Each activity line item contains the following (if applicable) - Donation Amount, Item Number, Item Name, Number of Bids, Leading Bidder, Time (in Time Ago format).
    • Activity Feed is ordered by activity time, latest activity first.
    • Activity Feed is updated every 20 seconds.
  • Add donations.
  • Manage Message Queue.



  • Admins now have a hex color input field to the Ads color selector for both the call-to-action text and background color fields.
  • Ads will now appear in a "stacked" format on the Homepage. The Ad container size increases with the image and content height.

Checkout Page

  • Campaign Admins now have an option to refund, make a donation or leave as a credit when returning Items from the Checkout page.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixes an issue that caused the Add Donation button to close from Backstage when changing from one-time to monthly donations.

Order Form

  • Fixes an issue that caused order form purchasers to land back on the Home page of the campaign site when they choose to refresh the page while in the process of completing the transaction within an order form.

Presentation Page

  • Fixes an issue that causes the admin bar to appear in the iFrame of the campaign on a presentation page.


New Feature

Embeddable Forms

External sites can now embed GiveSmart order forms into their page. 

  • Add external URLs into an Include List so that an embedded form is permitted to display a custom page order form.
  •  Copy and embed an iframe of a Custom Page with Order Form on an external site. 
    •  Edit the iframe HTML code to specify the width and height of the iframe.

Bulk Close and Reconcile Items by Catagory

Admins click a Close dropdown button above the More button on the Items Management and select between Close Items or Reconcile Closed Item.

  • From Close Items, selected to close All Silent item at once, or close Silent, Instant, Raffle, Vote, Donate items by categories.


  • View the Message Queue which shows the next outgoing messages.

    • In order of most recent scheduled message to draft messages.
    • Scroll to see all messages scheduled/drafted.
    • Click Need to edit a message to open Text Messages in a new tab.
  • Add Donations.
    • Adds Donation button shows in the admin bar for *saved* presentation pages
    • Donations show up in the feed

    • The field remains open until the admin closes it.
  • A total column is added to the Live Activity feed.

    • Displays the total revenue generated for the campaign and total revenue generated per each item type (silent, live, instant, donate, raffle, vote).
    • Updated at the same cadence as the live activity feed.


Item Management

  • Admin can no longer delete a non-auction item from Edit Item when there is item activity.

Custom Pages

  • Admin can now delete a custom page from the Pages list view.

Chat Management

Text Messages

  • Admins now see a warning icon with instructions on updating a drafted text message in the "Please Select" state for messages being sent to Ticketholders with a specific ticket type.

New Campaigns

  • When copying or creating a new campaign from your Org Hub, you are prompted to use default settings for new campaigns for auto-enable require a card on file, allow self-checkout, and have fees optionally passed to purchasers.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue that caused additional numbers to appear in an item Surcharge field when 7.0 is entered and saved.
  • Fixed an issue that caused item description to not appear when viewing an item on iPhone 11 and 12 devices.


  • Fixed an issue that caused a user's receipt to be generated as blank when a check # of 10+ was entered as a check payment.


New Feature


  • Access the Backstage of a Presentation for a one-page experience to manage a virtual streamed campaign. 
    • Access a live feed of donor activity from Backstage. View donor activity by item types or all item types. The activity contains details such as donation amount, item number, item name, number of bids, leading bidder, and time in a "time ago format". Feed is ordered by activity time, latest activity first, and updates every 10 seconds.
    • Access the chat activity from Backstage. View of chat widget to send messages and see chatter. Quickly link to chat management to delete chats.

Receive Messages

  • Users can easily re-subscribe to receive emails or text messages from their user profile page.
    • If the user does not have an email, the option to subscribe for Email will not be displayed.
    • If the user does not have a phone, the option to subscribe for SMS will not be displayed.


Recurring Giving

  • Donors can choose to make a one-time or monthly donation through an order form.

Text Messages


  • Check-in now accepts and stores email addresses.

    • An email address is not required to continue with the Check-In process.


  • The automated Help message was changed to read "[Campaign Name] Campaign Alerts: Help at Support-855-322-4483. Msg&data rates may apply. Message frequency varies. Text STOP to cancel."
    • Campaign Name corresponds to the Name for Text Messages set in Global Settings.

Order Forms

  • Instant and Raffle items sold through an order form will have any applied reflected and added to the order total.
    • Tickets do not get taxed.


  • Fixed the issue that caused Instant Item Purchasers to be included in the Winner messaging group when an email is sent out after the auction is closed and reconciled.

Donate Now

  • When a tax is added to donations, Donate Now donations will reflect the tax included before payment and reflect the tax passed on receipt.