Event Equipment Rental

GiveSmart is accessible through a browser from any device.  Visiting www.givesmart.com and click 'Platform Login' in the top right, or the campaign's website URL, and sign in which allows you access to the campaign based on your User Role.  All visitor and admin capabilities can be done through the browser, except swiping credit cards. 

NOTE: If you intend to pair the device with a compatible credit card swiper, you will need to download the 'GiveSmart Event Application' on that device. 

iPad rentals

To Rent iPads Click Here

Equipment rentals are the easy way to ensure you have compatible devices backed by vendor support for your event.  Ipad and swiper bundles, if needed, can be rented from GiveSmart.Fello.com who is GiveSmart's preferred vendor for equipment.  IPads rented from Fello come with a credit card swiper and the GiveSmart app already installed on the iPad.  Do NOT place an order on the main Fello.com site, or your iPad will not have the GivSmart app pre-loaded or a credit card swiper included. Minimum order quantities apply.

Rental capacity for busy dates can fill up in advance, so we recommend that orders be placed as early as possible in your planning process. Orders attempted under 14 days may encounter blackout dates that will not be able to be fulfilled.

For any questions or concerns about an order or support, please contact Fello: 888-528-6288.

  • Sales questions: sales@fello.com or help@fello.com 
  • Any shipping issues or questions: rentals@fello.com or help@fello.com 
    • Please ensure the mailing address used is a physical address where an individual from your organization will be present to receive the shipment.  Do NOT utilize PO Boxes or WeWork addresses.
  • Support questions, please call 888-528-6288 - Fello Support Agents are available daily from 9:00am - 10:00pm EST 

Credit card swiper

Note: Credit Card Swipers should be purchased as far in advance of intended usage to ensure you account for shipping time, as well as give your organization a chance to familiarize themselves and troubleshoot any issue(s) before the date of intended use. We typically recommend no later than 30-60 days prior to usage.

GiveSmart only uses the Magtek iDynamo 5 credit swipers provided by our credit card processing company CardConnect.  These are compatible with both GiveSmart Events and Fundraise.  Only swipers purchased by clicking the blue ORDER HERE link above, are compatible with the GiveSmart application.

Tip: Using your own device for the swiper?  Check to see if your device is compatible.  Click here

Swiper order details

To purchase swipers ORDER HERE

  • Swipers cost $155 each and are non-refundable; replacements are available within 30 days of order receipt
  • The organization will receive a debit as a month end fee via their merchant account, therefore, it will occur at the end of the month following the month that the swiper was ordered. 
  • Current order processing time can be found on the order form.
  • Orders with 20+ swipers are considered a bulk order and will take at least 6 months to fulfill. 

Pre-Event Testing

We recommend testing equipment as soon as it is received so that replacements can be arranged if needed. If the troubleshooting tips do not work and the swiper is truly defective, unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to fix that on event day, however alternative methods can be used to collect credit card information

If your swiper is not connecting or functioning properly…

  • Make sure you are using the GiveSmart Events Admin App (not a web browser).
  • Remove the case on the iPad/iPhone to ensure the cord connection is complete.
  • Remove and re-insert the swiper to adjust the angle.
  • Confirm the Apple device you are using is on an IOS version 9.4.5 & above.
  • Make sure your Apple iOS devices are fully charged.
    • Rented/purchased equipment is sent with charging cords to charge your Apple iOS devices while the swiper is attached to the lightning port (if necessary).
    • The swipers are powered and charged by the iPad/iPhone when connected.

If you rented the equipment and the above steps do not work, contact Fello at 888-528-6288.

If you purchased swipers, and the above steps don’t work, contact your GiveSmart Customer Success Manager (CSM)

NOTE: For assistance with using your swipers at an event please visit the Event Day Equipment Guide