Auto Generated Emails

Certain actions a user or admin performs will automatically send email messages. Some information is customizable in the campaign settings, however, the overall content of the message is not.  

ActionSample Communication
Ticket, instant item or donation purchased by a user or admin.Order confirmation
Attendee added to a ticket order.Assigned Guest Email
Assignment reminder is sent by an admin through Ticket Orders.Assignment Reminder to Purchaser
Confirmation reminder is sent by an admin through Ticket Orders.Confirmation Reminder to Attendee
Attendee removed from a ticket through the Ticket Order Details.Un-assign an Attendee
User added to an item - Donor notification.Donor added to the Donated By of an item
User donates from the Home page Donate Now.Home page donation
Email when tickets, instant items or donations are purchased via an order form. - Admin notification.Admin Email after an order form purchase
Email when an item is donated via item donation form. - Admin notification.Admin email after item donation
Email when a monetary donation is received via the donate now form. - Admin notification. Admin email after a Donate Now donation 
A user's checkout is complete.Checkout Complete User Email
User registers for the event.User Registers for New Event Email
User is added to a campaign and assigned the role of Campaign Admin, Assistant, or Volunteer.Admin registration
A user donates an item.Item donation is complete
Password reset from 'Forgot Username or Password'Password reset email
Subsequent recurring donation email to donorMonthly recurring donation email

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Assignment Reminder.png

Confirmation Reminder.png

Attendee Unassigned.png

Donor Added to the Donated By of an Item.pdf

Homepage Donate Now Donation.png

Admin Order Form Notification.png

Admin Notification Item Donation.png

Admin email after donate now monetary donation.pdf

Checkout Complete Email.png

User Registers for new Event.png

Sample Admin Registration Email.png

Donor Notification of Item Donation.png

Email Password Reset.png

Monthly recurring donation email.png