Displays Overview

Feature fundraising activity during your program with a real-time display.

Access displays

  1. From the Admin Navigation, click Design > Displays.

Display type options

To create a new display, click the '+New Display' button. From the display details and select from the three display options.

  1. Bid Display - Allows supporters to stay up to date on current bids as they come in. Bring attention to your most popular items as well as items with no bids.
  2. Revenue Displays - Highlight donations as well as a progress bar to show revenue raised. Choose from the four layout options of Left or Right Sidebar, 2 Column, or 1 Column
  3. Slideshow Display - Share helpful tips, fundraising information, and sponsors. Multiple slides will rotate through approximately every 10 seconds.

AV requirements for displays

GiveSmart does not provide the AV equipment or point person needed to show the displays during the program. This must be set up prior to the presentation.

  1. Laptop.
  2. Internet connection.
  3. AV projection equipment.
Tip: Copy and paste the "Share Link" in an email to share with your AV point person.