Event Day Equipment Guide

Want to bring this guide to your event?  Download it here: Event Day Equipment Guide

GiveSmart Events Admin App

Download the GiveSmart Events Admin Application through the Apple App Store. Campaign or Organization Admin, Campaign Assistant or Volunteer user role access is required to sign in. Note that this app is not for use by guests or supporters. Downloading the GiveSmart App is only necessary if your volunteers are using a swiper to add credit cards during the event.

Download the GiveSmart Events Admin App

The GiveSmart Events Admin app can only be downloaded on iOS devices through the Apple App Store.  

  1. Visit the Apple App Store and search 'GiveSmart'. Find the ‘GiveSmart Events Admin’ app and tap ‘Get’ to download.
  2. Log in to the app using your GiveSmart Events username and password.
  3. Depending on your role and the number of events you are an admin or volunteer for, you may start in one of several locations on the app.
    • Org Admin
      • Taken to the Org Hub to select the event.
    • Campaign Admin & Volunteers
      • If an admin or volunteer in only 1 event
        • Taken directly to the dashboard of the event.
      • If an admin or volunteer in more than 1 event
        • Taken to the Event Selection page to select the event.
  4. Once in the event site, simply attach the swiper to the device.  (If applicable)

Recommended Event Equipment

The GiveSmart Events Admin App is only compatible with Apple iOS devices. 

To swipe a credit card in GiveSmart Events Admin App, you will need the following hardware:

  • An Apple iPad (Gen. 4 or newer) or iPhone (iPhone 5 or newer) running iOS version 12x or newer with a Lightning Connector Port (adapters not supported).
    • Note: Some newer iPad models do not have a Lightning Connectors. 
  • Magtek iDynamo 5 credit card swiper.
  • Encrypted by CardConnect (only available for rent through Fello or for purchase through CardConnect).

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How to Connect a Swiper

Once the GiveSmart Events Admin App is downloaded, visit your site, and connect the swiper to the iPad/iPhone. Once the swiper is plugged in, it should connect and be ready to swipe credit cards. When using a credit card swiper, remember:

  • Swipers can only be utilized via the app and NOT through a web browser.
  • It can only be used on Apple devices with a Lightning-based USB port.
  • The device must be using iOS version 12x or higher.

Confirm Connection

  1. From your GiveSmart Dashboard, go to Admin View > Users > Check-In.
  2. If the swiper is not connected properly, "Swiper: Not Connected" appears.
  3. If the swiper is connected, no warning appears.

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Swiper Tips

Pre-Event Testing

We recommend testing equipment as soon as it is received so that replacements can be arranged if needed. If the troubleshooting tips do not work and the swiper is truly defective, unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to fix that on event day. 

If your swiper is not connecting or functioning properly…

  • Make sure you are using the GiveSmart Events Admin App (not a web browser).
  • Remove the case on the iPad/iPhone to ensure the cord connection is complete.
  • Remove and re-insert the swiper to adjust the angle.
  • Confirm the Apple device you are using is on an IOS version 9.4.5 & above.
  • Make sure your Apple iOS devices are fully charged.
    • Rented/purchased equipment is sent with charging cords to charge your Apple iOS devices while the swiper is attached to the lightning port (if necessary).
    • The swipers are powered and charged by the iPad/iPhone when connected.

If you rented the equipment and the above steps do not work, contact Fello at 888-528-6288.

If you purchased swipers, and the above steps don’t work, contact your GiveSmart Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Event Day Troubleshooting

Swiper is showing as Not Connected?

  • Unplug and re-plug in the swiper (or even gently jiggle it a little).
  • Ensure the iPhone/iPad case isn’t blocking the swiper from connecting to the device.
  • Check the Apple App Store to ensure you are using the most current version of the GiveSmart Events Admin App, then plug in the swiper once logged in.

The swiper shows as connected, and has worked for other cards, but nothing is happening when I swipe some cards?

  • If the card refuses to swipe or if no additional card is available, manually enter the card number or instruct the guest how to enter their card, which they can do via their My Info tab, and selecting Add Card on File. 
    • This can happen if the stripe is damaged or if there is no magnetic strip.
  • Ensure magnetic stripe is facing the correct direction. The magnetic strip should be facing the taller side (back) of the swiper.
    • Sometimes applying a bit of pressure is needed to ensure a good connection.
  • Swipe in both directions, swipe right to left and if not successful, swipe left to right.
  • Place the device/swiper on a flat surface and swipe the card in a swift manner.
  • Ask the guest if they have a different card they would like to use.

Poor Wi-Fi signal, slow iPad or swiper does not work at all?

  • If you are unable to move to a location with a better signal, unable to connect to a hotspot, or the swiper just is not working for you, instruct guests to manually enter their own card information which can quickly be completed via their My Info tab and selecting Add Card on File. This allows check-in to continue to run smoothly and is easy for the guest to complete. 
  • Also, you can use the 'Prompt for Card on File' text template to message only guests who do not have a card on file, which will provide them with a link to add the card themselves. 

Swiping Alternatives

Credit cards can be added to a guest's account for future payments in several methods that do not require a swiper both by an admin as well as the guest themselves.

Guest paths to add a card

  • Guests can visit their My Info tab and select Add Card on File.
  • When Card on File is required for purchase or bidding activity, guests will be prompted to manually enter a card to their account before the purchase/bid is accepted.

Admin paths to add a card

  • Send a 'Prompt for Card on File' text template to message only guests who do not have a card on file, which will provide them with a link to add the card themselves.
  • Send the Self Check-in ‘Not Checked In’ text template to message only guests who have not checked in, which allows them to check themselves into the event and manually add a card.
  • A credit card can be manually added from both Check in and Checkout screens and saved on the guest’s account for future payment.

GiveSmart Support

Customer support is available extended hours, including nights and weekends. We understand sometimes you burn the midnight oil, and we are here when you need us!


Email support@givesmart.com your name, organization’s name, event/site ID, and support topic details.


Call 855-322-4483 ext. 1

Available Monday - Friday 9AM-9PM EDT

If outside of business phone hours, then please select option 1 and leave a message.