Managing Org Admins

Note: Available to org admins only.

Org admin is the highest admin-level which gives access to the Org Hub to manage all past, present, and future fundraising and can manage the GiveSmart account. Only org admins can manage other org admins. 

Tip: We recommend limiting the number of org admins due to the high level of access. 


  1.  Go to Org Hub.
  2. Select Admins.

Add new admin

Added admins receive an email that allows them to set up their account and access the Org Hub. Once an org admin visits a campaign, they receive emails for order form purchases, when a monetary donation is received via the donate now form and champion pages, or when an item is donated via the item donation form. Visit Admin Email Notification Settings to manage notifications.

  1. Click +New Admin.
  2. Enter their name, mobile, and email.
  3. When you've finished, click Save.

Resend account invitation 

If an org admin needs to reset their credentials or did not receive the welcome email.

  1. Click on their name to open their user details.
  2. Click on the Actions dropdown.
  3. Select Resend Account Invitation.

Revoke access

Remove an admin from your Org Hub. Admins are not notified when revoked and no longer have access moving forward. Once removed, they no longer receive email notifications for recurring giving.

  1. Click on their name to open the user details.
  2. Click on the Actions dropdown.
  3. Select Revoke Admin Access.