Bids Display

Allow supporters to stay up to date on current bids as they come in. Bring attention to the most popular items, or items with no bids. The display shows five items at a time, scrolling in numeric order, with a 10-second scroll delay. 

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Bid display

Left sidebar                          Right main


Customize the Bid Display name.


Choose between a custom background color or image which appears across both the left sidebar and right main.

Left sidebar

  • Choose between a custom background color or image to appear in the left sidebar.
    • Recommended Image size is 480px by 900 px.
  • Select the Text Color.

Top, middle, and bottom sections

Choose the Content displayed within the left sidebar.


The campaign's display name is the default title, but you can customize it. Maximum 40 characters.

Logo and title

Shows your organization logo and the campaign's display name, but you can customize it. Maximum 40 characters.

Countdown clock

Visit Auction advanced settings to set the countdown clock. Once set, it can be seen on a bids display.


Text to register and text to donate information is the default. Maximum 60 characters. Set the background color of the message box.


Ads appear based on the settings established within the Ads tab. Visit Create an Ad to learn more.

Right main

Select between a custom background color or image.

Included item types

Choose the item types to display on the right main screen

  • Auction Only
  • Instant Only
  • Live Only
  • Vote Only
  • Donate Only
  • All Items

Category to display (if applicable)

Show items from a set category to highlight. All items are shown by default.

Number of bids

Show or hide the number of bids for each item.

Bidder names

Current lead bidders' names can be shown on the display when bidder names are shown to other bidders from the item history.

Votes display (if applicable)

Display votes by dollar amount raised or the number of casted votes.