Purchase a Ticket for a Supporter

Enter all ticket purchases outside of the Order Form, such as phoned or mailed in. Assign complimentary tickets or assist guests who prefer not to purchase electronically. Once the order is entered, both the purchaser and any attendees are reflect as a ticketed guest and can be seated in Seating Management

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Purchase a ticket

  1. From the Admin Navigation, select Tickets > Ticket Orders.
  2. In the top right corner, click +New Order.
  3. Select a ticket.
  4. Add additional selections (if applicable).
    • If the item includes a question, an answer may be included or required at the point of sale.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Enter purchaser Information.
    • User Custom Fields set to "Visible to users-editable by users" are shown and editable by the admin entering. If also required, the admin must enter to complete.
  7. Click Save and Continue.
  8. Add additional attendee information or answer questions (If applicable).
  9. Click Next.
  10. Select payment method.
    • If the purchaser has an existing credit card on file, it will appear as a payment method.
    • If a new card needs to be entered, select either Credit Card (Card Present) or Credit Card (Card Not Present) based on whether you are entering this person at an event or over the phone
      • If Card Present is selected, the admin will be required to only enter the zip code instead of the full address, as a card being presented by the guest is of a lower risk.
      • If Card Not Present is selected, the admin will be required to enter the full address, maintaining the full security since you are not physically being handed the card by the purchaser. 
  11. Click Pay.

Payment method options


Select Cash and click the green Pay button.


Enter the check # and click the green Pay button.

Credit Card

Enter in desired card details and click on the green Pay button.


Recorded in a non-cash, check, or credit card payment method, choose other and include notes. Click on the green Pay button.

Note: Payment will be reflected as a 'paid'


Record arrangements a purchaser has made to pay at a later date and add notes. Click the green Pledge button

Note: Payment is reflected as an Unpaid until the pledged payment is received and the user's account is updated within Checkout.


Select the payment method of Comp. and click the green Issue Ticket button to provide a complimentary ticket.

Note: If a value has been entered in the 'Fee per Attendee' field on the Global Settings, this fee will apply to Comp tickets as well.