Preset Message Recipient Groups

We offer several preset recipient groups to choose from.  Each group allows you to filter your users by certain criteria, allowing you to target your message to a select group of supporters within your campaign. Messages are sent to users that have an email address or mobile number on file and fit the group criteria.

Note:  A message can be sent out multiple times, but only to one group at a time.

Recipient list

Cash Donors

Users who donated regardless of where the donation was placed (i.e. Donate Now, Order Form, Click to Donate, or custom Donate item).



All users listed within Users > Details. (Includes Invitees)


Silent Winners

Users who won a silent item after the auction was closed and reconciled.



Users who won a silent or live item after the items are closed and reconciled. Also includes silent items sold as instant items post-close.


Unpaid - Include Pledges

All unpaid users, including users whose payment is marked as Pledged.


Unpaid - Exclude Pledges

All unpaid users, excluding users whose payment is marked as Pledged.


Pledges Only

Only unpaid users whose payment is marked as Pledged.


Seated Users 

Users who are assigned a group within seating management.  (Includes Invitees)



Users assigned a ticket but have yet to confirm. Once an invitee confirms they are no longer included in this group.  (Includes Invitees)

Note: Messages can be sent to Invitees as a group, not individually.


No Card on File

Users that do not have a credit card on file.


Raffle Purchasers

Users that have a raffle item purchase on the campaign site.

Note: Available on campaigns with a raffle Item created.


Missing Contact Info Sent

Users missing email, phone or mailing addresses on their accounts. 

  • Sending an Email: will send to anyone missing phone number or mailing address.
  • Sending a Text: will send to anyone missing email or mailing address. 
Note:  Fields do not need to be marked as Required for message to be sent. 



All attendees and invitees, including unconfirmed. From the Ticket Type dropdown, choose to send a text to all ticketholders or ticketholders of a selected type. (Includes Invitees)

Note: A purchaser who is not attending is considered a non-ticketholder.



Any users that do not have a ticket on their account.


Not Checked In

Any users that have not been checked in to the campaign by either an admin or self check-in.  This does not include invitees.