Create a Raffle Item

Offer opportunities or a chance to win without the need for paper tickets or ticket sellers. Raffle items appear on the Items page and can be included in the Home page order form for point of sale purchases. Visit Sell Raffle Items from the Order Form to learn more.

Note: The 'Raffle' label can be modified. To learn more visit Change Raffle Labels.

To create

  1. Go to Dashboard > Items container > More button ("···").
  2. Click Create New Item.
  3. Select Raffle from the Type dropdown.
  4. Complete the New Item Form.
    • If the starting number is left blank, number assignments will start at '1'.
  5. When you've finished, click Save.
Note: Fair market value (FMV) is not available on Raffle items. Neither the purchase of a raffle ticket nor winning is tax-deductible.


Tip: Purchasers are assigned a unique entry number. Numbers begin with the number set in the Starting Number field in the Item form. For multiple raffles, adjust the Starting Number field for each to show the specific raffle.