Update Ticket Attendees Post Purchase

Update attendees within your ticket order either through the email receipt or from the campaign Pay page. Assign and unassigned attendees tickets and add a mobile number or email to send confirmation reminders. From the reminders, invitees confirm attendance, complete their registration, review and edits ticket questions, and add a credit card to their user account.

Note: A username and password are required to update the attendee information.

Update via the Email Link

  1. Locate ticket purchase email notification.
  2. Click Update Attendee Details.
  3. Follow prompts to complete the account username and password.

Update via the Pay Page

  • Access the campaign site via email or text notification link.
  • Select Pay Page.
  • Select View Order.

Unassigned Tickets

  • Click Assign.
  • Add attendee information. 
  • Click Save

Note: A confirmation text or email is automatically sent when contact information is added.

Assigned Tickets

  • Click Edit to add or modify attendee information.
  • Click Unassign to remove the attendee from the ticket.  Choose to send/not send a notification to the attendee being unassigned. 
    • Click Assign to add a new attendee.
    • Enter new attendee information.

Note: Once an attendee confirms, contact information can't be edited from the ticket order. Visit Users > Details to locate and update their User Details.

Confirming your Ticket

Step 1: Visit your My Info tab

Step 2: Click on Edit

Step 3: Please make your selections and answer the ticket question(s)

Step 4: Click Save

Step 5: You are all set! 

Please note you can expedite your check-in by finalizing your registration from this same page.  Click on "Add Card on File" to pre-register your credit card to your account.