Create Additional Campaigns

Note: Available for org admins once the deposit is paid for a contracted staffed campaign or the service fee is paid for an annual subscription.

Signing a GiveSmart contract provides you a twelve-month subscription to the technology to expand your fundraising throughout the year. Fundraise through in-person or virtual fundraisers, online outreach, ticket sales, or monetary donation ask. Each campaign is accessible from the hub and can be located by your organization name, campaign keyword, event name, or site ID.

Tip: Campaigns for contracted fundraisers listed in the agreement are auto-created.

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Create a new campaign

  1. Go to Org Hub > Campaigns
  2. Click the 'New Campaign' button.
  3. Complete the 'Campaign Detail Form'.
  4. Select 'Save'.
Note: Once a campaign is created in your org hub, it cannot be deleted.

Visit Campaign Types and New Campaign Form for more information.

Re-assign Keyword

If you would like to re-assign a keyword that was assigned to one of your prior campaigns, you're able to do so by using the re-assign keyword tool.

  1. Go to Org Hub > Campaigns
  2. Locate the campaign that has the keyword you would like to re-assign
  3. Click Re-assign Keyword 
  4. A pop up will appear
  5. Select the campaign that you would like to re-assign the keyword to
  6. Select Re-assign Keyword 


Note: Do not remove or modify a keyword from an active campaign which is currently being used for fundraising.  Only re-assign keywords from old, inactive campaigns and apply to new campaigns which do not have a keyword assigned yet.