My Info Page

Review or manage personal account information. The information available varies depending on the campaign settings.

Access My Info

  1. Visit the campaign and sign in with your Username/Password.
  2. Click My Info 

Details available

  1. Checked-In Status, if applicable
  2. First and last name
  3. Mobile number added to the account.
  4. Assigned bidder number, if applicable.
  5. Custom fields, if applicable.
  6. Table assignment, if applicable.
  7. Ticket details, if applicable.
    • Purchased ticket type. 
    • Review and edit answers to ticket questions.
  8. Raffle entries, if applicable.
    • Numbers assigned at time of purchase.
    • Raffle entries label will reflect raffle label applied in Auction Settings
  9. Card on file.
  10. Questions?