Duplicate an Item

Create an exact replica of an existing item, without re-typing all of the item details.

Note: Created items, added to a package, cannot be duplicated.

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View Admin: Items

  1. From the Items Container within the Dashboard, click the More button ("···").
  2. Select Manage Items.
  3. Search for the item to duplicate and select it.
  4. Click Duplicate Item.
  5. Confirm the Item Number to duplicate. Select Yes, Duplicate.
  6. The Edit Item Page will open.
  7. The duplicate item will default to the next available item number in sequential order.
  8. Edit if needed.
  9. To save the duplicated item, scroll to the bottom of the Edit Item and click Save.

View Site: Items Page

  1. Locate the item to duplicate.
  2. Click the dropdown arrow from Items List.
  3. Select Duplicate.
  4. Confirm Item Number to duplicate.
  5. Select Yes, Duplicate.
  6. Once duplicated, Item will be within the all Items list.
  7. Edit from Item detail.

Note: The Item Number is the only field not duplicated. A new item number is automatically assigned based on the next sequential number available.