Fixed vs. Donation Level Items

GveSmart offers two ways to create donate items for supporters to give. With self-checkout available on the campaign, donors add the donation to their cart and are prompted to either continue browsing or pay. Choose from the options listed below. 

Fixed amount

A fixed amount price type allows you to determine the amount required on a single donation.

Tip: Best used for a paddle raise. Create a donate item at each amount being asked. Set the visibility to 'Hidden' to ensure the donors do not see them on the campaign.


Donation Levels

Allows the donor to choose from a suggested list of amounts as well as enter in any amount. Amounts offered are the levels in the Donate Now section and can be adjusted by clicking on the blue 'Donation Settings' within the Donation Levels field.

Tip: Great if you have multiple donation opportunities. For example, if you are asking to raise funds for a playground, new desks, and new computers, create three different donate items and offer levels to donate.