Settle Remaining Balances

Process payment for all unpaid supporters with a remaining balance, within a threshold range set by you, who have a credit card on file by running payments automatically. For supporters with multiple cards on file, the more recent one added to their account will be charged. For users with a balance greater than the set threshold, visit Checkout to process payment. 

Tip: Run Unpaid Cards also appears in the Payments container on the Dashboard when there is at least one person with an unpaid balance within the threshold range set or less and has a credit card on file.

Steps to run all remaining balances

Note: If transaction fees are Paid by Purchaser, the fees are included in the remaining balance. If transaction fees are Optional for Purchaser, the option to add the fees to a remaining balance is bypassed and purchasers will pay their balance without fees added.
  1. From the Admin Navigation Menu, select Settings > Close & Wrap Up.
  2. Scroll down to Settle Remaining Balances.
  3. Click Run All Credit Cards.
  4. Adjust the default threshold amount and click Set.
    • The threshold amount must be within the $1 to $100,000 range.
  5.  Click Run all Credit Cards.
  6. A second module appears when all the credit cards have been processed, which shows:
    • The number of successful payments.
    • The number of errors (declined credit cards).
Tip: Errors are most likely due to the Fraud Protection Purchase Limit on certain cards.  The credit card company sends the cardholder a text asking them to verify the purchase. Once verified, the transaction will be able to be processed.