Add an Item for Purchase to a Supporters Cart

Add Instant, raffle, and vote items to a supporter's cart. Once added, payment can be made either through self-checkout or with assistance from an admin from Checkout

Note: This applies to all instant, raffle or vote items with the Checkout Type set to: Add to Cart.  When Checkout Type is set to: Immediate Checkout, payment will be collected by Admin before item is added to the cart. 

Items can be removed from a user's account by an admin If needed as well.

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Add an item

 Supporters with a valid mobile number receive a text the item is added to their cart.

  1. Go to the View Campaign Site > Items.
  2. Locate and select the item.
  3. Enter the first three letters of the supporter's name or assigned bid number.
    • Select the supporter from the dropdown to pre-populate.
    • If the supporter does not appear in the dropdown, manually enter their information.
    • Check the Add user without phone box to bypass the requirement if a mobile number is not provided.
  4. Enter or select the answer to the question if one is needed (optional).
  5. Select or enter the Amount.
  6. Click Purchase, Buy, or Vote.