Check In FAQs

Can I add a credit card to a user's account?

Yes. Visit Check in a User to review the steps.

Can I update a user's name, mobile number, or custom fields?

Yes. Visit Update User Details at Check-in for more information.

How do I get custom fields to appear during check-in?

Visit User Settings to review that custom fields are set and viewable to users.

Can I see if a user has already been checked in?

Yes. Go to the Check-in page and search for the user. Look for the little black checkmark on their profile.  There will be a timestamp and the name of the person who checked the user in.

Can I un-check in a user?

Yes. Go to the Check-in page and search for the user. Click Undo Check-in within their user profile.

Can I tell if a user has a ticket on their account?

Yes. Go to the Check-in page and search for the user. If they are ticketed, there will be a teal (unconfirmed ticket) or gray (confirmed ticket) icon followed by the Ticket Type.  If they do not have a ticket, there will be a '+ Purchase Ticket' option to add a ticket to their profile. Visit Check-In with Ticketing for more information.

Can I purchase a ticket at check-in for a user?

Yes.  Select 'Purchase Ticket for Attendee' button.  Select the ticket type and quantity.  Enter purchaser information and payment type.  Once complete, navigate back to the check-in screen where you will see that a ticket now appears to the right of the user's name. Select 'Continue' and you will be able to complete the check-in process.

How do I assign a ticket to a user for an un-assigned ticket?

  1. Go to Admin View > User > Checkin
  2. Type either the guest or the ticket purchaser's name in the search field.
  3. Find an un-assigned ticket on the list, and click Select beside the name.
  4. Edit the user's Name, Mobile, and any Custom Fields (i.e. Bid #, Table #, etc).
  5. Click continue, to complete the check-in process.
  6. For more information on checking in a ticketed user, visit here.

What if there are two profiles for a user?

Visit Merge Duplicate User Accounts to make the necessary corrections.

Do users receive a text message when they check-in?

Yes!  As soon as a user is checked in at registration, (with a valid cell phone # on file) they will receive a welcome text message.  This text message will have a link for them to click to be able to access the campaign site.

Do I have to sell tickets through GiveSmart to use the self check-in feature? 

No, the self check-in feature is available for all guests.  The Not Checked In recipient group will message both ticketed and non-ticketed users. 

Can I send the self check-in message only to my ticketed guests? 

Yes, after you select the Not Checked In message template, change the recipient group to Ticketholders.  Choose to send to All ticketed users or a Specific ticket type.  To send to multiple ticket types but not all ticket types, you will need to create a new message for each ticket type. 

If an Admin were to un-check in a guest, are they able to check themselves back in using the self check-in feature? 

Yes, if an Admin were to un-check in a guest, the guest would be able to check themselves back in using self check-in.  

If I'm using self check-in, how can my volunteers verify that guests have checked themselves into the event? 

Volunteers have multiple ways to verify a guest is checked in. 

  1. Go to Users > Details.  Search for the guest's name, verify that there is a checkmark by their name. 
  2. Have the guest click on the My Info tab, and look for the green checkmark at the top. 
  3. Have the guest show their self check-in success screen, which appears once self checkin is complete.