Checkout FAQs

Can I enter a check or cash payment for a user's purchase?

Yes. Visit Checkout a User for more information. Cash and check payments will not be included in the Batch Report summary, as we do not deposit these funds on your behalf.

Can I record the payment as pledged?

Yes. Marking a purchase as a pledge is an opportunity to record the arrangements a user has made with the organization to pay the balance at a later date. Pledges will be marked for the remaining balance of a user's account. Pledges will appear on the Outstanding Balance of the Reports page as payment is still outstanding until otherwise specified. Visit Checkout a User for additional instructions.

Can I refund an item purchase or donation?

Yes. Org or campaign admins can issue refunds. For additional instructions visit Issue a Refund to a User.

Can a ticket purchase be returned or refunded?

Yes. However, ticket purchases cannot be partially returned. If an order for 8 tickets is created and only 4 tickets are needed, the full order will need to be returned and repurchased with only 4 tickets.  Visit Return a Ticket Order for additional instructions.

Can a guest split payments?

Yes. Visit Checkout a User to learn more.

Can I checkout multiple users on the same credit card?

Yes. Visit Checkout Multiple Users Together.

Note: When checking out multiple users, payments and items will remain on the user account with the original activity. Items will remain on the original user's receipt and will not be transferred to the purchaser's account. 

I am getting a declined error for a user's credit card. Is there a way to get more information on why it is declined?

We, unfortunately, don't know a specific reason why a user's card is declined. We suggest reaching out to the user and let them know that their card is declined and to please check with their bank or provide a different card or method of payment.

How can I ensure all fees are being passed to purchasers?

On the Global Settings, set the processing fee to 3.95% to capture the full amount at a variable rate. The Effective Rate adjusts to 4.112%, which applies to all credit card purchases.  

Do users have alternative payment methods available to them?

Users may opt to complete payment via a credit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay.  The option to pay by Google Pay & Apple Pay will appear on payments being completed on homepage and custom order forms, the Donate Now section on the homepage, champion fundraising pages and on the Pay tab.  Processing fees will remain the same for Google & Apple Pay transactions.  They will function as if it is a normal credit card transaction.  

Note: Google & Apple Pay will not appear as an option when registering for an auction and a card is required to bid.  It will only appear on payment windows.

If a user pays via Google or Apple Pay, how is that reported on the Payments Report?

If a user opts to pay via Google or Apple Pay, this payment will be recorded as a Credit Card payment.  There will not be any notation letting you know that this payment was completed via Google or Apple Pay.  

If a user pays via Google or Apple Pay, do they have the option to retain that card on file?

No, when paying via Google or Apple Pay the user does not have the option to save the card on file for future bids or purchases.  A credit card will still need to be manually entered or swiped to be retained on file for bidding purposes.  

Why is Apple Pay not appearing as a payment option, but Google Pay is?

Apple Pay will only appear as an option when using either an Apple device (iPhone or iPad) or when using the Safari browser.