Adjust Starting Bid and Bid Increment Percentages for Auction Items

When including a fair market value on a silent item, your campaign has a default starting bid set at 50% of the fair market value entered and a 15% default starting bid of the starting value, per GiveSmart's recommendation. If a fair market value is not entered a starting bid and bid increment amount will not pre-populate on the item. While these percentages are pre-set for you within your campaign, they can be adjusted.

Tip: Adjusted starting bid and bid increment is not retroactive. Items created prior to adjusting the percentages must be manually updated with the item details

Adjust the default percentages

  1. From the Admin Navigation, select Auction > Settings
  2. Scroll to the Items section.
    • Adjust the default Starting Bid percentage.
    • Adjust the default Bid Increment percentage.
  3. When you've finished, click Save.

Note: The starting bid and bid increment amount rounds to the nearest whole number based on the percentages set.