Review your purchase summary and make a payment from your Pay page on the campaign, with either a credit card on file or a new one added. 

Note: Payments made in a method other than credit card must be handled by an admin on the campaign.

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When you are ready to pay, review the items in your cart and choose to pay either with an existing credit card on file, enter a new card or select between Google or Apple Pay. Once your balance is paid in full a statement is automatically emailed to the address added to your account.

  1. Visit the Pay page at the top of the screen.
  2. Review the purchase summary.
  3. Enter a credit card, use the one on file or select Google or Apple Pay.
  4. Click Pay.
  5. Once payment is secured, a red Pay stamp appears.
  6. Show the Pay stamp at the time of item redemption to confirm payment was made.