2022 Summer Releases


Button Color Updated

  • To align with our rebranding efforts, admin-controlled buttons have been updated to reflect the purple color.

Resend Welcome Email to Org Admins

  • When adding an Org Admin, you now have the ability to resend the welcome email. 

Custom Field Dropdown Option

  • Custom user fields now have the ability to include a dropdown for users to select from pre-set options.  

Commas for Large Values

  • Monetary values larger than $1,000 are now displayed with a comma.  EX: $10000 is now $10,000. 

Bug Fixes

Centering Re-CAPTCHA

  • The re-CAPTCHA icon was not centered in the left panel within a presentation page.  

Retaining Ticketing Responses when Merging Users

  • In some situations a user's responses to the ticketing questions was not being retained when two profiles were merged. 

Apply Pay/Google Pay Buttons Appearing Twice

  • Apple and Google Pay buttons will now only appear one time when there are more than one form on the page. 

Inability to Checkin a User with Email Address Username

  • A user who is using an email address as their username was blocked from being able to check in to the event.  

Custom Order Form Details Skipped

  • Custom order forms can contain pertinent details at the top.  Prior to this fix, these details were skipped when the form was opened, as it would start the supporter in the purchase section.  Now the form opens at the top, allowing supporters to view the information. 

Org Hub Custom Report Attachment

  • Custom order form reports will now be sent as an email attachment, as opposed to a link directing the recipient back to the Org Hub.