Opt Back in to Messages

When a Guest text STOP to 76278 they no longer receive text message updates.  Guests can unsubscribe from email messages by selecting the Unsubscribe link in a platform generated email.  Guests can easily opt back in to receive messages moving forward and get back into the fundraising activity.

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Opt Back In

Text Keyword

  1. Text keyword to 76278.
  2. A Welcome Message will be sent.
  3. The guest will receive text messages moving forward.

Admin Resend Welcome Message

  1. Go to Admin view > Users > Details
  2. Search for the user and click on their name
  3. Select "Send Reg Message" from the Action dropdown
  4. User will receive a text message prompting them to reply "Y" to continue to receive text messages

Update Receive Messages on Profile

Users can opt in to both email and text messages via their profile from within a campaign.  

  1. User clicks their name in the upper right corner
  2. Selects Profile 
  3. Check box to subscribe to email or text messages


Unsubscribed User Indicator

All SMS unsubscribed users will have a 'No SMS' icon displayed on their user profile on the user’s screen.

Note: There are no icons displayed for users opted out of email messaging.  The 'No SMS' icon will only display for users opted out of text messages.

Locate the SMS Icon

  1. Go to Admin view > Users.
  2. Search for the user.
  3. Once located, the 'No SMS' icon will appear in the profile.
Tip: Hovering over the SMS icon will provide a tooltip reminder the user opted out of text messages.