Inventory for Received Items

Note: Available to Org admins only. We don't recommend using Inventory when entering fundraising items for a specific campaign. Inventory is reserved for items received but not yet intended to use for a specific campaign.

Track and manage fundraising items collected but not yet intended for a campaign. Manage possible fundraising items received outside of fundraiser collection time.

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Create an item 

  1. Select New Item.
  2. Enter information.
  3. When you've finished, click Save.

Move an item to a campaign

  1. Locate the item to assign
  2. Click Item
  3. Select Assign to Campaign.
  4. Select the preferred campaign
  5. Click Assign to Campaign.

Duplicate an item

When duplicating an item, you will be brought to the edit item page. Once confirmed, click Save.

Edit an Item

Select the item that you would like to edit, make the adjustments and save it.

Delete an item

  1. Select the item to delete
  2. Select Edit Item.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the item details.
  4. Click the Delete Item button and confirm the deletion.