Batch Report

Overview of all credit card transactions grouped as a batch, and deposited in your bank account attached to the Merchant Account. View the date payments are deposited, gross raised, adjustment and fees deducted, reversals, and the amount funded after adjustments and fees deducted.

Note: Credit card transactions are deposited automatically when the batch closes daily between 8:45 and 9:15 PM CST. Deposits will appear as MERCHANT BANKCDTransactions received after the closeout time are reported on the next day's batch. Campaign Batch Reports are updated 24-48 hours after the funds appear in CardConnect. Transactions can be flagged by CardConnect, which could delay the funds being batched.

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  1. From the Admin Navigation, click Reports > Overview.
  2. Select Batch Report

Summary sections

  • Select a date to see the transactions.
  • Search, sort, and extract details.

Batch Date

The date transactions are grouped as a batch and deposited.

Gross Raised

Total credit card payments are processed on a batch date before the removal of the credit card transaction fee.


Shows fees deducted from the Gross Raised to cover the card processors' fees. CardConnect deducts the transaction fees at the time of the transaction.

Fees passed to the purchaser are shown in the Transaction Fee section of the Revenue Report.

Note: The processing fees are deducted and reflected within the batch report Adjustment/Fees column regardless if fees are passed to the purchaser. This amount is intended to cover the credit card transaction costs found in your Batch Report.

To capture the full amount of the fees at a variable rate:

  1. From Admin Navigation, click Checkout & Payments > Payment & Fee Settings > Transaction Fees > Processing Fee (%).
  2. Adjust the Processing Fee, which adjusts the Effective Rate, the percentage a user pays to cover the purchase cost, and the transaction fees.
    • The default is 3.5% of the processing fee, which adjusts the Effective Rate to 3.627%.
    • Set the processing fee to 3.95%, which adjusts the Effective Rate to 4.112% to capture the full amount with a variable rate.


Seen as zero unless a user submits a chargeback, or a reversal of their payment, within a batch.

Note: When a chargeback is submitted, GiveSmart is not notified. Chargebacks occur outside of GiveSmart. Therefore, limited information is available in your Batch Reports.

Chargebacks are handled directly between the cardholders issuing bank and the acquiring bank of CardConnect (Wells Fargo). The Issuing Bank forcibly reverses the transfer of funds. Consumer protection laws allow for the cardholder to "win" by default. The Merchant may dispute the validity, in which case Acquiring Bank and Issuing Bank shall reach an agreement. Included in the dispute paperwork is a case number and phone number Merchant Services (First Data) (800-443-4651) to contact. A dedicated team helps with chargebacks and can fax a copy of the Chargeback paperwork.

When a Chargeback is submitted by a cardholder, notification from First Data (Merchant Services) is sent via mail within 24-48 hours from the Chargeback Date. The information contains dispute instructions and the available information regarding the transaction. A merchant has two weeks to submit a dispute. Chargeback funds are typically removed within three days of the Chargeback date.

When contacting First Data, provide them with your Merchant ID which is located at View Admin > Settings > Global > Advance Settings > Credit Card Payments > Merchant Account Status.

Funded Amount

Amount funded into the bank account tied to the Merchant Account (Gross Raised minus Adjustment/Fees).


Bank account number of the account attached to the Merchant Account. The complete number is not shown for security.

Details sections

  • Defaults to sorting by credit card network and are in alphabetical order by card type (American Express, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa).
  • The credit card processing fee adjustments are reflected as a line item by the total amount per batch date, per card network. Includes the fees you pay and any passed fees.
  • All processing fees or reversals are grouped by card network and fall below transactions received.
  • Search, sort, or extract the batch details.

Batch Date

The date the transactions were batch and deposited.


Date and time of the credit card transaction. Batch dates close between 8:45 and 9:15 PM CST. Transactions received after the closeout are reflected in the next batch date.

First and Last Name

Users name as it appears in GiveSmart.

Cardholder Name

Name as it appears on the credit card.


Credit Card network (American Express, Visa, Discover, or Mastercard).


Transaction type (Sale, Service Charge, or Refund).


The last 4 digits of the credit card.


The dollar amount charged on the credit card.


A unique identifier is assigned to each credit card transaction.

Auth Code

Credit card authorization code from the issuing bank to the vendor.