Download the GiveSmart App from the Apple App Store

The GiveSmart Events Admin application is now available for download from the Apple App Store.  

It's important to note that this application is ONLY necessary for Volunteers and Admin (Campaign or Organization) who will be using swipers at their in-person event.  General Users do NOT need to download the application as they will be sent a link to visit the site from a browser. 

Downloading the App

The application can only be downloaded on iOS devices through the Apple App Store.  

  1. Visit the Apple App Store, and search 'GiveSmart Events' to begin the download.
      • NOTE: There are 2 GiveSmart apps in the App Store, GiveSmart Fundraise & GiveSmart Events Admin.  Please ensure you select the GiveSmart Events Admin app. 
  2. Log in to the app, using your GiveSmart Events username and password.
  3. Depending on your role and the number of events you are an admin or volunteer for, you may start in different locations on the app.
    1. Org Admin
      • Will be taken to the Org Hub, where you will need to select the event
    2. Campaign Admin & Volunteers
      • If an admin or volunteer in only 1 event
        • Will be taken directly to the dashboard of the event
      • If an admin or volunteer in more than 1 event
        • Will be taken to the Event Selection page, where you will need to select the event
  4. Once in the event, simply attach the swiper to the device.  


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