Download the GiveSmart Application

Tip: Download the GiveSmart Application on to an Apple Device.

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Important to Note: The GiveSmart Application can only be downloaded on iOS devices operating on iOS 12.5.6 - iOS 15.  The GiveSmart Application is not able to be downloaded on devices operating on the latest iOS version, iOS 16.  

For devices that already have the GiveSmart Application downloaded, the application will continue to function as normal if the device is upgraded to iOS 16.  

Steps to Download the Application

  1. Open Safari on the device to install the application and go to
  2. Log in with the credentials provided by GiveSmart.
  3. On the webpage, click on the download icon, and then click install.
  4. Launch Settings from the Home screen click on General
  5. Click VPN & Device Management
  6. Click the name of the distributor under the Enterprise App section 'AuctionsByCellular, LLC'
  7. Click 'Trust AuctionsByCellular, LLC'
  8. Click Trust to confirm.
  9. Go back to the Home Screen and click on the GiveSmart Application
  10. Log in with the credentials provided by GiveSmart.
  11. Locate the campaign site.

For information on devices needed to use the GiveSmart Event App and CardConnect Swipers, visit Event Equipment.

We recommend updating your app to the latest version: 7.1.6.  (Released: 6.15.2022)

Current viable app versions include: 6.4.8 & 7.1.6.  If your app is not one of these versions, please update before your event.