Preferred Partners

Need extra support? We have excellent partners ready to help.  

Just like we’re experts in fundraising technology, they’re experts in the logistics of delivering ready-to-use event equipment or friendly guest services staff to your specific location.


LIFE Event Staffing

  • Life Event Staffing specializes in auction technology platforms, so our staff are continuously gaining experience across the industry.  We provide only skilled personnel who can help establish relationships with your team and donors whilst ensuring your technology platform runs smoothly.  
  • They are well-versed in the refinements that go along with nonprofit clients and fundraising events.  Clients don't solely need enthusiastic brand ambassadors; they require highly trained individuals who can confidently and knowledgeably run and assist in auction events. 
    • Our staff are based across the US and Canada and all with a minimum of 5 years working within the fundraising industry.  

Download LIFE Staffing Info Sheet

GOAT Events

  • GOAT Events Managers (GOAT's) and staff are seasoned event experts wit knowledge and experience using the GiveSmart platform.  Your GOAT (on-site manager) is able to handle any last-minute changes or unforeseen challenges that may arise the night of your event.

  • GOAT specialists are motivated, passionate, professional, and friendly event staff with specific knowledge of the fundraising industry and GiveSmart platform. They will actively interact with your guests from the moment they arrive and encourage their participation in all fundraising components throughout the event.

    • Comprehensive Staffing model available in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona.
    • “GOAT Only” management model available nationwide.

GiveSmart GOAT Events.pdf


Rent iPad and Credit Card Swipers for your in-person fundraiser.

  • iPads rented from Fello are LTE data-enabled and include a credit card swiper and the GiveSmart app.

*Prices increasing starting March 31, 2022.


 Purchase Credit Card Swipers for in-person fundraising.

  • CardConnect provides the only credit card swiper that is compatible with GiveSmart. Purchasing credit card swipers allow your organization to use them for unlimited fundraising year-round and into the future.