Assign Bidder Numbers to Users

GiveSmart allows for both manual or auto-assign bidder numbers. GiveSmart does not supply physical paddles or bidder numbers. We recommend using numbers between 100-999.

Tip: Multiple guests (couples) can share a bidder number.

Auto-assign bidder numbers

Each user is assigned a bidder number which will begin at 100 and increase by one. Companies, who are created as item donors, will not be assigned a bidder number. For couples to share the same bidder number, do not use this feature.

Note: Do not use this feature until all users are listed as Registered Users.

  1. Select Auto-Assign Bidder Number. 
  2. Confirm to auto-assign bidder numbers by selecting the button, Assign Bidder Numbers.

Adding users after bidder numbers are auto-assigned

  1. Manually add a bidder number to the new user(s) as shown below.
  2. Redo the auto-assign bidder number which will reassign ALL bidder numbers to ALL users in alpha order based on the last name.

Note: Redoing the auto-assignment will adjust current users with a bidder number will be re-assigned a new number.

Manually assign bidder numbers

  1. From the Users Container within the Dashboard, click the More button ("···").
  2. Select Manage Users
  3. Click the More button ("···").
  4. Click Bulk Edit Users from the dropdown. 
  5. To sort, use the three fields located on the top of the page.
  6. Locate the user(s) to update, then select the field under the "BID #" column.
  7. Enter bidder number in this field.
  8. Click the cursor outside of the box, to automatically save.

Editing an assigned bidder number

  1. Locate the user the bidder number should be removed from.
  2. Select the cursor inside the field under the BID # column.
  3. Delete information from the field and enter the updated bidder number.
  4. Click the cursor outside of the box, to automatically save.

Note: When using bid numbers, it's important to ensure there are no duplicate profiles on your account.  If duplicate accounts are present, simply use our merge duplicates tool to eliminate any confusion on event day.