Copy an Existing Campaign

Copy existing campaigns with several settings, items, users, and tickets as well. A list of all copied campaign attributes is below.

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Copy a campaign

Tip: Only recommended when there is a significant number of identical items between the original and copied campaign.
  1. Go to Org Hub > Campaigns.
  2. Click Copy Campaign to create a new campaign. The following settings are copied:
    • Global Settings.
      • Logo.
      • Website URL.
      • Display Name.
      • Name for Text Messages.
      • Bidder Numbers, Bidder Names, and Purchaser Names.
      • Request for Bidding and Registration.
      • Payments fields.
      • Messages.
    • Design Center.
      • Main and Secondary Color.
      • Banner Text Colors.
      • Order Form Button Text.
      • Donation Revenue Goal.
      • Custom Sections.
      • Contact Us.
    • Donation Settings.
    • Auction Settings.
    • Communication Settings.
    • Custom Displays.
  3. Choose to copy Users, Items, and Ticket details.
    • Users
      • All User's names, mobile numbers, emails, and mailing addresses copy.
      • Credit cards that have not expired copy. The expiration month and year are recognized.
      • Copied users maintain their text Opt-In and Terms and Conditions preferences.
    • Items
      • All items and packages, with details, copy.
      • Item donor names, mobile, email, or mailing address don't copy. Display on Item field copies.
      • Item Images, from prior GiveSmart CB campaigns, copy.
        • Legacy copied campaigns vary.
    • Tickets
      • Ticket Types copy.
        • Copied tickets are hidden by default.
        • All purchasing activity is removed.
      • Ticket questions copy.
  4. Complete the rest of the Campaign Form.
  5. Select Save.


Note: Once a campaign is created in your org hub, it cannot be deleted.